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Doctors, accountants, attorneys, stock brokers, and other professionals must perform their services with skills commensurate to the standards of their profession. If a professional person fails resulting in injury, death, or financial loss, that constitutes malpractice.

Mr. Stageberg has been involved in numerous professional malpractice actions, and can evaluate professional misconduct, and obtain expert consultants to assist in the presentation of the claim.

An example of a successful malpractice case handled by Mr. Stageberg is:

 Patnaude v. Fairview Riverside Medical Center
(December 1996), trial in Hennepin County District before Judge Gary Larson.
After a two week trial, a personal injury medical malpractice verdict of $1,619.317 was obtained against hospital emergency room and x-ray department employees for a brain injured young man who fell and fractured his skull during the taking of facial x-rays.

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