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Injuries and sometimes deaths occur from products, whether simple household appliances or complex industrial machines. Products may be either manufactured or designed in a defective manner, or may arrive to the consumer with inadequate warnings or instructions.

Successful product liability lawsuits have forced product manufacturers to more carefully design and manufacture their products, anticipate injury situations, and appropriately warn of dangers and instructon the safe usage of the products.

Since 1996, Mr. Stageberg has become nationally known in the handling of carbon monoxide deaths to campers from propane camping heaters manufactured by the Coleman Company.  Associating with out-of-state attorneys, Mr. Stageberg has been lead counsel in Coleman product liability cases in Minnesota, Oregon, Utah, Florida, Montana, Washington, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, and Illinois.  In addition to numerous large settlements, favorable trial verdicts were received in the three cases described below.  Mr. Stageberg has a consumer awareness web site at

Mr. Stageberg, with a mechanical background, has successfully handled numerous products liability lawsuits, such as the following:

 Torrey v. Coleman Company, 2009.
A lady in Colorado lost her husband and 26 year old son from carbon monoxide poisoning while using a Coleman manufactured camping heater in a hunting cabin in the mountains. An eight day product liability lawsuit in Denver Federal Court resulted in a favorable verdict for the wife and surviving daughter of $850,000.

 Covas v. Coleman Company, 2005.
Like the Scoggins case, a Coleman manufactured camping heater generated carbon monoxide to kill a 41-year old electrician and his 16-year old stepson while camping in northern Florida.  A 10-day product liability trial in Miami Federal Court resulted in a verdict for the surviving wife and mother of $7.6 million.  Coleman’s appeal to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals was quickly rejected and Coleman paid over $8 million on the judgment.

 Schoggins v. Coleman Company, 1999.
This wrongful death-product liability case was tried for 8 days by Mr. Stageberg in Eugene, Oregon. A propane camping heater, manufactured by the Coleman Company, produced carbon monoxide inside a tent to cause the death of a 39 year old construction worker. The Oregon jury concluded the heater was defective and rendered a verdict for the children of the deceased in the amount of $967,000.

 Dahleck v. Dico Co, 1983.
This was a products liability action against the manufacturer of a cement block unloading boom hoist for an operator who came in contact with a high voltage powerline. For the substantial burn injuries to Mr. Dahlbeck, a verdict, after three weeks of trial, was rendered in the sum of $2,040,214.

 Kapaun v. United States of America, 1984.
Dual death products liability case against the Government and several defendants for an explosion of a large electrical buss duct that killed two electricians working upon it. After three weeks of trial, a wrongful death verdict of $2,000,000 was rendered.

 Cosgrove v. McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company, 1993.
This products liability case, involving the crash of a helicopter, was brought on behalf of the pilot against the helicopter manufacturer. A two week trial resulted in a favorable verdict for the injured pilot in the sum of $453,000.

 Mielke v. Dempster Systems, Inc., 1987.
This was a wrongful death negligence case against several parties and a products liability claim against the manufacturer of a hoist used for lifting and hauling trash containers. After settling with the non-manufacturing defendants for $650,000, trail was held against Dempster Systems for 2 1/2 weeks resulting in a verdict in favor of the Mielke family of $1,401,250.

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